A Journey to the Metaverse

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Using imagine.io 3D content production platform multiple iterations of designs can be created during a short period of time. The prototypes of home furnishings can be built using the 3D image production platform.

Manufacturers can put prototypes on the market before they have made very expensive samples. Potential customers can then interact with the prototype by changing the fabric, size, dimensions, backgrounds, setting, lighting, etc. to see if they would like to place an order for the product. If the traffic online and demand for the prototype is high, and the orders are within margin, then manufacturing can begin. If not, then thousands of dollars have not been lost on building expensive tangible products, when sales would not have merited the cost.

Beginning with the end sales numbers in mind and seeing if those numbers are obtainable by utilizing rapid prototyping provides numerous benefits, from cost savings, to validating spending, to testing designs prior to physical production, to saving time and money - all in a short period of time and all easily done.

  • Create content quicker than ever before
  • Align content across every channel
  • Increase buyer confidence
  • Easily share content in a secure cloud

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Start Date: Friday, Sep 09, 2022
End Date: Thursday, Dec 22, 2022

06:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Millennium Center, 101 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC, US, 27101