Marketers are responsible for brands, brand content, messaging, positioning, website content, product imagery, marketing collateral, eCommerce, and everything customers, partners, and channels see. The demand for content is high and never-ending. Nothing produces content faster or better than the on-demand 3D content creation platform.

Showcase your product lines using silhouettes, vignettes, lifestyle shots, videos, and Augmented Reality, and use powerful 3D Configurators that customers can use to customize with dimensions, fabrics, footings, and more. They can even click to buy their custom configuration and you can capture all the valuable metadata.

  • Create content quicker than ever before
  • Align content across every channel
  • Increase buyer confidence
  • Easily share content in a secure cloud

New Product Development (NPD)

The days of drawing, designing, and building new product prototypes by hand and then visiting factories for samples are a thing of the past. Go to market faster, create prototypes in hours and get pre-sales before building anything physical with 3D prototypes on

Take your CAD designs and convert them into realistic 3D imagery that communicates what you want to bring to market without unnecessary travel to visit manufacturing plants or customer offices.

Quickly and easily share your designs with a link, increasing speed to market, while also reducing sample costs and unnecessary waste.

  • Create prototypes without any physical materials
  • Go to market faster
  • Get pre-orders and sales
  • Improve sustainability


Photographers LOVE creating content with They immediately grasp the power and efficiencies of 3D software over physical room scenes and staging.

Our staff of professional photographers were tired of waiting for products to be delivered, staging scenes, painting backgrounds, and working to get the lighting just right. It no longer takes days, weeks, or more to produce a beautiful product and lifestyle shot. It can be done in just hours or minutes.

As the photography industry evolves and is primarily digital, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve or get left behind. Leverage photography skills to create beautiful room scenes in a fraction of the time traditional photography takes. Our Creative Companion program will get you dialled in and our creative stylists will help bring your vision to life.

  • Save time with thousands of props, templates, and lighting options
  • Eliminate costly fees associated with traditional photography
  • Always get the perfect shot with greater control and customization
  • Delight clients and boost profits with stunning 3D imagery


The best sales professionals are powered by presentations that showcase products using eye-catching lifestyle shots that look better in 3D than in the default world.

Put your product line on an iPad or laptop instead of carrying around bags of samples or shipping physical products to customers.

Give sales teams the 3D content they need to boost buyer confidence. Shorten the sales cycles and exceed revenue targets with 3D content that is proven to outperform studio photography.

  • Create highly engaging digital presentations
  • Improve buyer confidence
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase profits

CGI Manager

You are our people. CGI professionals already know the power of 3D and what it can take to create photorealistic images and renderings that don’t look like they come from minecraft.

With as part of your tool set you can now create 3D silhouettes, lifestyle shots, videos, 360 spins and product configurators with endless options in a fraction of the time and cost of other CGI software solutions and services.

Do more with 3D. Create faster, easier, and with better results than ever before.

  • Save time and money over 3D agencies
  • Produce high quality content faster than ever before
  • Gain access to thousands of 3D props and rooms scenes
  • Edit renderings in seconds instead of weeks. Get approvals faster!


We make IT departments happy by integrating seamlessly with your internal tech stack (ERP, CRM, DAM, cloud storage). Get your 3D user or teams up running with Imagine in no time without any additional heavy lifting. brings overall business efficiencies across sales, marketing, eCommerce, and merchandising. Plus, streamline and automate manual tasks that typically take months, in a matter of minutes!

  • Integrate your systems seamlessly
  • Increase operational efficiencies across each department
  • Automate your manual tasks
  • Reduce overhead costs


Online shopping is the future of the home furnishings industry and the future is now. Photorealistic visually powerful 3D content has the most impact on product views, clicks, conversions, and profits. Update your websites and e-commerce shopping channels with 3D content that helps your products sell faster.

With, you can update your corporate site, Wayfair, Amazon, Target and any channel with the content you need to be indexed and showcased to compete and win new customers.

  • Quickly update your website with fresh content
  • Increase page and product views
  • Improve clicks, conversions and sales
  • Save time and money producing content
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“We saw product views increase an average of 62% and as high as 350%, leading to an average sales increase of 46% for items using”

Justin Bowen

eCommerce Manager, The Great American Home Store

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